Enterprise SCADA

SCADACOM® 5, Willowglen’s flagship SCADA host system, is a high performance, effective, and reliable real-time monitoring and control system installed worldwide in Pipeline, Rail Transportation, Electrical Power, and Water / Wastewater applications.

Flow Computers

Developed in cooperation with our partner operators in the pipeline industry, Willowglen’s Unisen™ Flow Computer delivers pioneering efficiency and reliability that our customers count on to effectively run their business.

Remote Terminal Units

Unisen™ RTUs can be scaled from a few points up to 2,000 points in a single RTU, running in a fully redundant configuration, including supporting redundant I/O cards, ensuring that neither failures nor maintenance will interrupt operation.

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Willowglen Innovation Center

Willowglen Innovation Center

The Willowglen Innovation Center was established as an innovative partner to industry leaders to deliver advanced industrial automation products, custom solutions, and value-added technical services. Our technical teams are comprised of engineers with hardware, software, and project management experience. ...

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News & Events

News & Events

Willowglen Systems will again be attending the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM) in Oklahoma City, USA, on May 12-14. The 2015 school will offer over 260 technical classes that include special hands-on workshops covering a wide-range of Gas and Liquid Measurement/Flow topics....

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What Customers Say About Willowglen

As a company, we have found Willowglen to be among the most competent we have ever dealt with: the Willowglen team has strong technical abilities and we are always impressed with their senior management, which includes engineers with deep industry knowledge – several with more than 30 years of industry experience. SAC is proud to have worked with Willowglen for over two decades. We have benefited greatly from their products and services, and we look forward to many more years of cooperation.

SCADA Systems Vice General Manager, China SAC Guodian Nanjing Automation