President – Wayne Karpoff

Wayne Karpoff  has over 30 years of corporate experience in the advanced technology sector, and a long track record of building businesses to take technology leadership positions.

Prior to Willowglen, Mr. Karpoff founded YottaYotta Inc. (now part of EMC), developer of advanced distributed storage solutions. Prior to YottaYotta Mr. Karpoff was President of the Canadian super computer company Myrias.

Mr. Karpoff is a founder and member of several technology boards – and serves on many community, academic, government, and industry steering committees. Wayne is a sought-after public speaker on innovation and is an author of over 20 awarded and pending patents. Wayne holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.


Chief Technology Officer – Doug Fisher, P.Eng

Doug Fisher has over 30 years experience in the areas of SCADA solution development, project management, and corporate operations management. Mr. Fisher provides leadership to the technology development, customer support, and manufacturing teams – and has been instrumental to the direction of Willowglen’s products, including the recent versions of the Unisen RTU line, Flow Computers, and SCADACOM and VISTA III host systems.

Mr. Fisher has effectively worked with the heads of his technology departments to build strong, talented and unified teams – dedicated to the vision of technical excellence and outstanding customer support. Doug has led project deployment in the Middle East, Asia, North America, and more – in applications in the Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Transportation, and Water/Wastewater Industries.

Mr. Fisher is a long-time ISA Member, a Professional Engineer, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.


Executive Lead, Major Projects – Michael VanderZee, P.Eng

Michael VanderZee graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. Since then, Michael has dedicated his career to industrial automation, and SCADA in particular. Gaining valuable experience in the oil & gas sector, electric power, metro rail transportation, airport safety, and water / wastewater industries, Michael has broad exposure to the real world application of industrial automation.

An avid traveler who has visited over 80 different countries, much of Michael’s professional experience comes from international assignments where he spent time in Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe, and Africa. In doing so, Michael has gained a unique global perspective and the cultural awareness that comes from doing business in different environments.

Michael is also a published author, contributing to a chapter on the application of SCADA systems for the benefit of pipeline safety in the 2015 publication Oil and Gas Pipelines, Integrity and Safety Handbook. Michael remains a member in good standing of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA), a self-regulating body with the mandate of ensuring public safety and promoting education for practicing engineers within Alberta, Canada.