Pipeline Solutions

Willowglen’s family of pipeline customers spans the globe. Our systems control the terminals of the world’s largest pipeline companies, to small point operations in some of the world’s most remote locations. Willowglen’s pipeline solutions include our systems for reliably driving your operations, a full line of RTUs, flow computers, and specialized instrumentation.

Key to our pipeline customers’ choice of Willowglen is our ability to scale: from compact 4 point systems to supporting 1,000’s of points in a single RTU in a dual redundant, fault-tolerant solution. The same features can be dynamically enabled on the complete range of RTU’s without special software loads.

Willowglen’s host SCADA system, SCADACOM 5, allows the customer to completely customize the look and feel to specifically match their environment. SCADACOM can be operated in a highly available manner ensuring no downtime. SCADACOM’s historian and database can collect and interpret large amounts of data in real-time.

Our Unisen Series Flow Computer was designed in collaboration with our industrial users and has received strong industry acceptance since it’s launch in 2010.

Willowglen’s RTUs have a very low power consumption, allowing their operation from almost any power source. Our systems have been field-proven in all environments, from the deserts of East Asia to the extreme Arctic conditions of Mongolia and Northern Canada. It is common to find RTUs that have run for over two decades still in service.

Willowglen can meet your industrial automation needs by providing:

  • Redundant Remote and Master Stations
  • Comprehensive System Security
  • Communication Statistics
  • Operational and Historical Archiving
  • Compressor Station Control
  • Sampling
  • Automatic Pump-off Control
  • PID Closed Loop Control
  • Optional Integrated Pipeline Simulator
  • and more

For liquids pipelines, Willowglen can provide the following:

  • Injection of Drag Reducing Agents
  • Remote Meter Proving
  • Historical Meter Prover Values
  • Similar-Day Load Forecasting
  • Linear Optimization of Regulator Setpoints
  • Corrected API Liquid Flow Rate and Accumulation Calculations
  • Net Oil Computation-Capacitance Probe
  • Optional Integrated Batch Tracking and/or Leak Detection
  • Optional Integrated Pipeline Simulator
  • and more

For gas pipelines, Willowglen can provide the following:

  • AGA-3 Gas Orifice Flow Rate and Accumulation Calculations
  • AGA-7 Gas Turbine Flow Rate and Accumulation Calculations
  • AGA-8 Supercompressibility Correction
  • NX-19 Supercompressibility Correction
  • Redlich-Kwong Supercompressibility Correction
  • Gas Flow Control
  • and more