Power Generation & Distribution Solutions

From the harsh Canadian North to remote provinces in China, Willowglen’s power generation, distribution and transmission customers take SCADA to new levels. Willowglen provides solutions ranging from control room HMI systems, to sophisticated RTUs driving the most remote substations, through to SCADA-embedded advanced algorithms which address critical forecasting needs.

Willowglen’s customers rate Willowglen’s UNIX based control room system, SCADACOM, as the best. SCADACOM is completely customizable allowing a look and feel that specifically matches a customer’s environment. The data engine is extremely fast and supports distributed data management allowing recording and analysis of real-time instantaneous values from field devices. The object orientated nature of SCADACOM’s database and Willowglen’s approaches to using models within the schematic display allows customers to reuse graphics in many different places. The system can run hierarchically allowing both a local view at remote locations along with a more global view at central command centers.

Willowglen’s line of RTU’s delivers the speed and capability of PLC’s with the geographical savvy you expect from industry leading RTU’s. Willowglen’s RTUs can be scaled from compact four point systems to supporting thousands of points in a single RTU in a dual redundant, fault tolerant solution. Our licensing makes even larger point counts possible. The same features can be dynamically enabled on the complete range of RTUs without special software loads.

Willowglen’s RTUs have very low power consumption, allowing their operation from almost any power source. Our systems have been field proven in all environments, from the deserts of East Asia to the extreme Arctic conditions of Northern Canada. It is common to find RTUs that have run for over two decades still in service.

Do you have devices with protocols not commonly supported? Don’t worry. Willowglen’s customization services can quickly create both hardware and software solutions that will meet your needs.