Water/Wastewater Solutions

Willowglen’s family of water/wastewater customers span the globe. Our solutions include our software systems for driving your operations and a full line of Remote Terminal Units (RTU).

Willowglen’s RTU’s have a very low power consumption, allowing their operation from almost any power source. Our systems have been field proven in all environments, from the deserts of East Asia to the extreme Arctic conditions of Northern Canada. It is common to find RTU’s that have run for over two decades still in service.

One aspect particularly novel about Willowglen’s host SCADA system, SCADACOM 5, is the customer’s ability to completely customize the look and feel to specifically match a customer’s environment. SCADACOM can be operated in a highly available manner ensuring no down time. SCADACOM’s historian and databank can collect and interpret large amounts of data in real-time.

Specialized software packages implemented for the Water/Waste-Water industry include:

  • Fluid Volume
  • Flow Rate Calculations
  • Fluid Volume Accumulation
  • Pulse Duration Meter Measurement
  • HOA Panel Monitor and Control Interface
  • Automatic Reservoir Set Point Control
  • Pump Sequencing
  • Pump Run Time Accumulation
  • Flow Rate Control
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Filter Bed Sequence and Backwash Control
  • Chemical Additive Measurement and Control
  • Tidal Gate Control
  • PID Closed Loop Control