SCADACOM for Power Generation & Distribution


System Overview

From the harsh Canadian North to remote provinces in China, Willowglen’s power generation & distribution SCADA system take automated control to new levels. Willowglen provides solutions ranging from control room HMI systems through to SCADA-embedded advanced algorithms which address critical forecasting needs.

Willowglen’s customers rate Willowglen’s Linux-based control room system, SCADACOM, as the best. SCADACOM is completely customizable allowing a look and feel that specifically matches a customer’s environment. The data engine is extremely fast and supports distributed data management allowing recording and analysis of real-time instantaneous values from field devices. The object orientated nature of SCADACOM’s database and Willowglen’s approaches to using models within the schematic display allows customers to reuse graphics in many different places. The system can run hierarchically allowing both a local view at remote locations along with a more global view at central command centers.

Willowglen, in conjunction with strong local partners, currently drives hundreds of power stations, power grids, and municipal electric systems for customers in nearly every province in China.


  • High performance, multi-tasking, real-time processing
  • Intuitive operator tools: advanced graphics, operator logbook and shift handover summary, automated review and historical playback module
  • An integrated alarm management environment
  • Training simulator and operations emulator
  • Industry-specific applications
  • Distributed computing architecture with expandable capacity and performance
  • Fault tolerant operation
  • Support of leading communications protocols
  • Fail-over and load-balancing between servers
  • Support for multiple control rooms including remote disaster recovery control centers
  • Hierarchical implementation links site, regional and centralized control rooms
  • and more…

Case Studies

Northwest Territories Power Corporation

The Northwest Territories Power Corporation (NWTPC) (NWT Power Corp (NTPC)) is responsible for supplying reliable electric power in the Northwest Territories, Canada. The utility’s mandate includes generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power to the communities it it serves.

The Challenge

mactaquac_hydroelectric_damOne of the communities served by NWTPC is Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories. The major power source for this northern city is five, normally unattended, hydro electric generating stations. The generating stations are located along a 30 kilometer stretch of the Snare River, 170 kilometers northwest of Yellowknife. Power transmission lines from the hydro generating stations terminate at the Yellowknife Substation, where the power is distributed to seven smaller substations owned by Northland Utilities (Yellowknife) Limited. Additional power is supplied by two diesel generating plants located in Yellowknife.


Willowglen Systems was selected, by public tender, to design and manufacture a complete Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system using the SCADACOM 2.0 Master Station and Model 2000 Remote Terminal Units (RTU).

A major system upgrade with the SCADACOM 2.0 software being replaced with the SCADACOM 3.0 software. Willowglen Model 1208 RTUs and Model 8016 RTUs were also installed.

Another system upgrade occurred with the SCADACOM 3.0 software being replaced with the SCADACOM 3.1 software. The SCADA system currently consists of Willowglen Model 2000 RTUs, Model 2000 Master Communications Controller (MCC), Model 1208 RTUs, Model 8016 RTUs, and the SCADACOM 3.1 Master Station which consists of two servers, four workstations, and up to 15 PC based displays.

The Model 2000 Master Communications Controller (MCC) is used to manage communications between the master station and the RTUs. The MCC polls the RTUs and converts Willowglen’s high security 18-bit VNET message format to and from an ASCII format.

Time tagging of information is supported for all status and analog inputs, control outputs and Sequence of Events (SOE) recordings. Report By Exception (RBE) communication provides an efficient use of the lower speed communication channels.

The servers and workstations are located in the control room, the configuring workstation is located in the Engineer’s office and the PC based displays are in various offices and in the diesel plant. All of the SCADACOM computers are connected together using a dual Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN).

The SCADACOM® software communicates with a number of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) which are controlled by the workstation in the diesel plant.

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Additional Case Studies

Hydroelectric – New Brunswick Electric Power Commission (NB Power)

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System Design – Speed & Reliability

The SCADACOM platform is built around an extremely fast object oriented database engine that is notification-driven to provide quick response and reduced system load. The SCADACOM platform is designed from the ground up as a Fault Tolerant system that goes beyond Dual Redundant to offer N-way redundancy for all services.

Supported Hardware

SCADACOM servers run on Intel and AMD processors and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. Operator workstations also support a Windows environment, in addition to a secure web interface.

Communication Protocols

SCADACOM supports industry standard protocols such as Modbus and IEC870, as well as many non-standard interfaces. SCADACOM provides excellent logging and debugging for supported protocols, allowing for easier troubleshooting of communications with third party devices. SCADACOM also supports OPC UA connectivity.

Operator Graphics

SCADACOM complies with API 1165 “Recommended Practice for Pipeline SCADA Displays”, Human Factors Principles, and industry best practices. The Operator Displays have the ability to use the advanced features available on today’s video cards. As a result, the schematic displays can display anything from simple grey-scale schematics to more life-like colored 3D textures and advanced animations.

Integrated Alarm Management Environment (IAME)

Top-10-Bad-ActorsSCADACOM 5 provides a firm foundation for implementing and sustaining an effective Alarm Management program that conforms to 49 CFR Part 192 and 195 for Pipeline SCADA, ISA-18.2 Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries, and EEMUA-191 Alarm Systems – A Guide to Design, Management and Procurement. In addition, Willowglen has designed IAME by incorporating input from industrial advisory boards and experts in the area of Human Factors Design.

Shift Handover and Risk Reduction Process (SHARRP)

sharrpThe Shift Handover and Risk Reduction Process (SHARRP) is an electronic operator logbook and shift hand-off tool. SHARRP allows for the easy and effective recording of significant information and events which occurred during a shift for hand-off review purposes for the next operator and supervisor, as well as for general historic value and investigation. The module enables users to reduce the risk of human error which can occur during a shift change, by providing an electronic review and capture of the critical information that is typically exchanged between operations teams resulting in a reduction of incidents and improving safety records.

Automated Review Module (ARM)

SCADACOM’s Automated Review Module (ARM) is used to investigate past operational situations and sequence-of events for purposes of continuous improvement or incident review – consistent with the principles of operational excellence. ARM provides a means to record in fine detail all of the data in the SCADA system – and then at a later point step through the information at a rate suitable for review, so that the exact sequence of events can be fully understood. ARM ‘arms’ your organization with information, and provides an easy and effective way to help personnel ‘experience’ and understand past events and actions – in a format that emulates the operators’ working environment.

System Configuration and Programming

SCADACOM comes with a standard set of configuration tools and wizards designed to make it easy to configure the system. Together with the ability to export sections of the database to tools like Excel, it is easy to configure and maintain SCADACOM. SCADACOM’s symbol library ensures a quick start to any project.

Emergency Backup Centers

SCADACOM supports emergency backup center configuration through the Emergency Backup Center Module.

Training and Operations Emulator (TSOE)

SCADACOM’s Training and Operations Emulator (TSOE) is an optional package which is used to train SCADA Operators. TSOE provides the means to take operators through standard operations as well as unusual events – providing a safe and effective way to give operators the experience they need, in an environment which is identical to the live system.