Total ICS Solutions for the Transit Industry



Overseeing the safe arrival of over 3 billion passenger journeys per year

SCADACOM Transit ICS is a preferred enterprise solution for mission critical applications. By combining the power of SCADACOM with 45 years of project management experience and unparalleled technical support, Willowglen delivers cost-effective Integrated Control Systems that meet the demanding performance, reliability, security, and safety goals for the world’s most challenging metro-rail applications. SCADACOM’s flexibility adjusts to your needs without compromising your processes.

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Canada, Willowglen’s mission is to provide innovative industrial automation solutions to a global marketplace, working with our customers directly and local integration partners. Willowglen’s metro-rail technologies are currently in operation on diverse projects throughout North America, South America, Asia, and Africa, accounting for over 3 billion passenger journeys per year.

Willowglen demonstrated innovation leadership in key areas such as system reliability, fault tolerance, security, safety, operational efficiency, and flexibility. It was with that spirit, after a procurement process that surveyed offerings from vendors across the globe, we selected Willowglen Systems as our Integrated Control Systems supplier.

– Major Infrastructure Developer

SCADACOM Transit ICS offers best-in-breed advantages, including:

  • Field-proven reliability and native fault tolerance
  • Customizable, modular architecture for maximum flexibility
  • User-friendly operations and process workflow
  • Seamless integration of wayside subsystems into a unified HMI
  • Comprehensive communication protocol framework
  • Intuitive Human Factors design
  • Superior situational awareness
  • Electrical flow path visualization
  • Defense-in-depth cyber-security
  • Feature-rich suite of analytical tools
  • Enhanced field worker safety
  • Integrated high-performance database designed specifically for SCADA
  • Resident operator training support, electronic log books, and shift change management
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ready

Seamless Integration – No “Subsystem Islands

The power of SCADACOM lies in its ability to unify management of all subsystems into a centralized hub for data monitoring, control, reporting, archiving, and analysis. SCADACOM eliminates “islands of control” providing a more flexible, efficient, and safer solution. Its specially designed database, Instant™, ensures scalable performance no matter the size of the installation. From a single system, SCADACOM supports all stakeholders – from operators to management, from maintenance staff to station attendants.

Raising the Bar on Operator Situational Awareness

SCADACOM is a Human Factors-based system that utilizes leading-edge research and industry best practices. A human-centric operator experience reduces fatigue, burnout, and errors. All subsystems are inter-aware allowing a unified approach to control and automation. State-of-the-art alarm management is embedded into systems including schematics displays and CCTV for rapid recognition and response of abnormal events.

Operator-Centric Drives Safety & Efficiency

Operators manage all aspects of the system from a single integrated system. Defined areas of responsibility route information and events to the relevant operator console. A fully integrated Electronic Logbook ensures shift information is captured and shared for future reference. SCADACOM’s Shift Handover module ensures inter-shift continuity of operational issues. Roll-based authority ensures approvals appropriate for specific levels of control. SCADACOM’s training simulator uses production screens to train operators ensuring operator competency.

Simplicity, Power & Flexibility – All-in-One

SCADACOM is designed to allow all users, not just Willowglen specialists, to quickly deploy systems. A wide-range of communication protocols are provided to support third-party devices and software. The system is extremely customizable allowing non-standard screens, dynamic objects for tailored support, and even the ability to write C++ code for specialized functionality, ensuring that SCADACOM can adapt to any customer requirements. In addition, an innovative Management of Change feature allows safe testing of configuration changes, software upgrades, and new devices – without any system downtime.

Analyst Support Ensures Operational Excellence

SCADACOM’s Automated Review Module aids post-event investigation with full graphical operator visualization. Additionally, SCADACOM provides customizable reporting tools, data trending, full search, and other analytics features.

Management Assurance

System administration and management staff can access the live system in a safe read-only mode from anywhere in the world. Robust reporting, customizable event screens, and data interrogation ensures real-time knowledge at the appropriate granularity. Seamless interfaces allow real-time data import & export to third-party systems.

Architectural Flexibility that Grows with You

SCADACOM’s extreme scalability ensures there are no “glass ceilings” impeding future expansion. Out-of-the-box, the system supports over 1,000,000 data points. The ICS leverages cutting-edge technology to guarantee legacy hardware and software is supported, and new technologies can be quickly supported as they emerge. Incremental data backup and archival ensures data preservation for decades to come.

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