PROXICOM is an advanced railroad worker warning system designed exclusively for metro-rail operations.

An enhanced tracking and communication system, PROXICOM provides an added layer of safety and security for workers, train operators, and control centre operators with real-time locations of on-track workers in relation to approaching trains. Client defined alerts are automatically generated by the system, minimizing the chance of a potential collision, injury, or loss of life.

Unlike other products in the market, Willowglen works with network operators to deliver PROXICOM for all environments including blind corners, urban canyoning, and tunnels. Alerts are configured using time or distance in order to compliment current safety procedures. Should network operations involve lone workers, this system also incorporates a man-down sensor along with a check-in and acknowledgement functionality.

Managing, monitoring, and alerting

PROXICOM is highly-configurable and can be integrated with other systems to enable a single solution for notifying workers and train operators of potential emergencies. That configurability is available to the Operations Control Centre (OCC) staff so that the system is a perfect complement to current policies and processes.

Workers and trains are identified on transit maps for visual monitoring, but automatic alerts are sent to all relevant personnel when safety thresholds are compromised giving track workers, train operators, control centre staff the opportunity to implement their safety procedures. Users and train operators can leverage a variety of off-the-shelf communication technology to receive alerts and send notifications back to the OCC.

Raising the bar on location-based services

Wayside worker identification and safety is a constant challenge for the rail transit industry. PROXICOM provides real-time location tracking of workers and trains to identify, alert, protect, and manage operational assets by leveraging leading technologies and open-source protocols to provide the most reliable location data possible.

Smart maintenance

PROXICOM is designed to make regular maintenance more efficient. Maintenance workers utilize an interface to submit work requisitions in real-time that may include notes about job requirements, photos, and precise positioning information. Additionally, PROXICOM can be integrated with an existing maintenance or asset management system.

Open and configurable to your specific environment

PROXICOM can be configured to work at ground level, underground, or combination environments with proven off-the-shelf technologies that enable real-time location services (RTLS) and communications. Willowglen Systems experts work with every client to advise on the technologies needed to provide a dedicated or reliable multi-use communication infrastructure.

From simple satellite-based positioning to complex trilateration and hybrid solutions using LTE, Bluetooth and other technologies enabling real-time location tracking, Willowglen assists each client with designing and testing the communications strategy for PROXICOM.

Proven Expertise

Built on innovation, reliability, outstanding customer service, Willowglen Systems has serviced the global rail industry with pioneering technology for nearly 50 years. PROXICOM leverages Willowglen’s extensive transit systems integration experience to deliver the only secondary worker warning platform that seamlessly integrates with signalling, SCADA, maintenance, and other operational systems.

Key points

  • PROXICOM saves lives by increasing train location awareness. By providing total situational awareness of the real-time location of all your operational assets, PROXICOM ensures all stakeholders are in the loop.
  • PROXICOM increases the efficiency of metro networks and allows for more effective use of all operational assets.
  • Optional incident report creation which ensuring that all reports, regardless of the outcome are filed.
  • Willowglen is focused on protecting your investment and works with most operator’s current infrastructure. PROXICOM is not tied to a specific RTLS technology ensuring that future technologies for location data can be easily incorporated.
  • PROXICOM is developed by Willowglen, a company with an exceptional knowledge of the control systems in the metro-rail industry.

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